BIM360 Project Is Not Listed For Collaboration

I want to collaborate my Revit model with an existing docs project, but the project isn’t listed when I try to collaborate. Firstly, verify your Autodesk account has been added to the project by [...]

Newly Created Assemblies Are Renaming Old Assemblies

This topic is very popular for drafters that are using Revit families.  Anyone using Fabrication Part ITMs will not experience this issue.  Although this issue may be a tough one to get around, [...]

Spool Annotation Tags Don’t Show Mark Numbers

The first time using Victaulic Tools for Revit Spooling Tools within a project can produce undesired results when it comes to annotation tags. This guide will help you understand all the [...]

Placing Mechanical Tees and Taps

Placing Mechanical Tees and Taps in Revit can be frustrating.  Here are a few techniques that we’ve come up with to place these fittings with ease.  Both of the techniques will use tools [...]

Generic Content

Will Victaulic’s Revit toolbar work with anyone else’s content?

Typical (Identical) Assemblies

Can I create multiple identical fabrication spools using VTFR and Revit?

Placing Mechanical Tees and Taps

Why can’t I place a mechanical tee or other taps by selecting them and clicking on the pipe?

Delete Pipe / Any Connect Coupling Placement

Why is it that sometimes the Delete Pipe and Any-Connect commands doesn’t place a coupling between fittings?

Vic_Field Material, Vic_Field Cut, and Vic_Do Not Schedule parameters

Can you explain the uses for the Vic_Field Material, Vic_Field Cut, and Vic_Do Not Schedule checkbox parameters?

What does “_MP” mean on the coupling families?

I notice that you have a couple of different versions of the same couplings and some flanges differentiated by ending with “_MP”. What is the difference between them and when should I use a [...]

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