Locating and Accessing the Victaulic Shared Parameter File


Newly created spools are inheriting previously spooled assembly names, and attempts to locate the Victaulic shared parameter file for a solution have been unsuccessful.


The issue of newly created spools adopting previously spooled assembly names likely arises from Revit’s behavior of associating similar components with the same name. This can lead to confusion and inaccuracies, especially when naming spools based on specific criteria like system names or floor numbers.


To resolve the issue of newly created spools adopting previously spooled assembly names, follow these steps:

  • Open a family that will be present in the majority of your assemblies (e.g., a coupling, weld, flange, or elbow family).
  • In the family editor, click on the “Update Family Tool” in the Victaulic toolbar (Edit Family > Victaulic Tools > Update Family Tool). (See attached image – Step 1)
  • Click on “Show More” at the bottom of the dialog box. (See attached image – Step 2)
  • Locate the “Victaulic Shared Parameter – Schedule Assembly Name” parameter and checkmark it. (See attached image – Step 3)
  • Click “Ok” to add the parameter to the family.
  • Load the family back into your project.

With the “Schedule Assembly Name” parameter added to family, the Victaulic Tools Create Assembly button will automatically populate this parameter with a unique name for each assembly, preventing the issue of spools sharing the same name.

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